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Art Stroll: Gaga Pa'l Pueblo

August 10,2017 | By Sovereign Associates

Art Stroll: Gaga Pa’l Pueblo Every summer fun outdoor events pop up all over the city. Some are aimed at children, some are for adults, and there are ones targeted towards seniors. But some are set up so that any person who breathes will be able to enjoy themselves. One of these summer favorites is the Gaga Pa’l Pueblo in Fort Tryon Park. Every summer this one of a kind event is pu...

For the Love of Street Fairs

July 20,2017 | By Sovereign Associates

For the Love of Street Fairs Locations throughout Manhattan Neighborhoods Manhattan Buzz Street Fair Page One of the many things that makes New York City such a special place are street fairs around the city every weekend. Despite having grown up in the city, I never get tired of a street fair. There is always something new that you haven’t seen before and the vibe is always so happy....

Things to Know Before You Move to New York City

February 17,2017 | By Staff Editor

For decades, New York City has been epitomized as the epicenter of American success, a place where careers are born, dreams are realized, and culture is defined. The allure of living here has been further perpetuated by Hollywood’s version of the Big Apple, in which everyone works glamorous 9-5s and parties like there’s no tomorrow. But what is it really like to move here, to live and ...

Greg Healy Wins Award 10 Best Real Estate Professionals for Client Satisfaction

August 30,2016 | By Sovereign Associates

Greg Healy Wins Award “10 Best Real Estate Professionals in New York State for Client Satisfaction” from the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals. Gregory Healy, principal broker of Sovereign Associates, Inc., has been awarded a plaque for being one of the “10 Best” Real Estate Agents in the state of New York.

Annie Hawkins Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Spotlight

May 20,2016 | By Annie Hawkins

I have lived in New York for 30 years, and in Upper Manhattan since 2004. However, my interest in real estate goes back to some architecture books I bought at Goodwill for $1, not long after I graduated from Rosemont College, outside of Philadelphia. My curiosity about architecture led to my curiosity about what was going on inside those interesting facades. In 1998 I started in rental real ...

What Your Real Estate Broker Should Do for You

May 13,2016 | By Greg Healy

If you are apartment hunting in Manhattan, you may have already discovered that you could spend many hours of your valuable time tramping around the city on your own in search of a place to rent that is in your budget and will suit your needs, and that you can actually get inside the building to view without an appointment. The solution: engage a licensed real estate broker or licensed sale...

Herve Frenoy Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Spotlight

May 6,2016 | By Herve Frenoy

I was born and raised in the north of France, and yes, when we meet or talk on the phone you will notice I still have a (others say “charming”) French accent although I have lived in the States for quite a few years. There’s a long list of things I like about living and working in Washington Heights: It’s a very “walkable” neighborhood. In fact, a web s...