September 2018 by Roger V. , THANK YOU SOVEREIGN ASSOCIATES!
I was looking for apartments during the summer of 2017. I had spent days using the typical NY rental apps (Naked Apartment, Zillow, Streeteasy, etc.) and up to that point had no success. All the apartments I had seen did not meet my requirements. I decided to take a break and was having lunch when I was contacted by Herve Frenoy. We made an appointment to look at an apartment. I looked at the apartment, it was beautiful, the apartment was cleaner and more modern than any other I had seen to that point. Lots of sunlight, electrical outlets, had a laundry room, quiet building, nice neighborhood. However I realized I needed something bigger and he told me, he had a bigger apartment but the rent would be higher than I liked. I told him that I would take a look and why not, what was one more apartment.

The apartment was in the same building, right down the hall. He let me look around and I knew it was exactly the apartment I needed. We shook hands and I went on my way. Five minutes after we split, I called him and told him, I would take the apartment. He held the apartment for me until I got all my paperwork in order to seal the deal.

I just signed a two year extension to this apartment and I could not be any happier. Herve was friendly, honest, and available. I really appreciated his efforts because it never felt that he was trying to sell me the apartments by misleading me.

The apartment did have a broker's fee. Before I met with Herve, I saw only no broker fee apartments. For me, the difference in the apartments were huge. One year later, and I do not think of the fee, it was worth it.

Thank you Herve!!