My roommates and I am super happy with my apartment on the UWS. We had a great experience with Greg Healy after almost losing complete hope in the apartment search process. No crazy fees, no red flags, and full transparency when we had questions or concerns. The process of applying and moving in ASAP was extremely smooth. Would recommend sovereign associates!

August 2017 by Charlene B , Recommendation from Teachers College Alumnae , Washington & Hudson Heights
We received a letter recently from an incoming TC Graduate Student:

Hello Gregory,
Three of the TC alumnae - Kim (2014), Tara (2012) and Samantha (2010) all highly recommended that I connect directly with you and they provided me with your name and contact details.

All three alumnae each shared with me their individual experience of working with you during their apartment hunt search and how you were extremely helpful during their apartment hunt and search. They also shared with me that you have listings that are international student friendly

March 2015 by Sara B , Greg was a great help to me , Upper West Side
Greg was a great help to me and went above and beyond what your average NYC broker will do. He negotiated pre-move-in repairs with the management company and followed up to ensure the projects were completed and satisfactory. I hate having to use a broker in NYC, but sometimes you just have to. If you have to, I recommend Greg Healy. The review on Zillow can be seen at this link

March 2015 by Ali Balci , He also continues to help after I rent the apartment , Upper West Side
Here is what alibalci wrote:
How likely are you to recommend Gregory Healy?
highly likely
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Summary of their experience
Gregory Healy is really helpful in finding house. I am foreigner in New York, his great hospitality is beyond appreciation. He also continues to help after I rent the apartment
Service provided
Helped me find a home to rent
Street address
951 Amsterdam Ave APT 4D, New York, NY 10025
Year 2015

Maryam H. on Yelp
April 2012 by Maryam H. on Yelp
WOAH WOAH WOAH. Stop everything and make sure you brace yourself because this is about to get real. Real GOOD.

This is my second round with Sovereign. And let's just say until Greg Healy and Sovereign came into my life, I legitimately thought I would have to live in a box on a street corner before finding a three bedroom apartment under $3k. Not joking, I lost hundreds (MULTIPLES of hundreds) of dollars with shitty brokers and craigs list scams (all of the horror stories about rentals in the city are True with a huge giant capital T).

But you know what? Sovereign found one for me, and you know what else? IT WAS UNDER MY EXPECTED BUDGET. WAYYY under. Oh and what else? I didn't get fluff and rose colored glasses, and got exactly what I was looking for with exactly what I could afford! AND there was no fee!!!! But did that make Greg care less? Of course not. He kept it real, and real is fine by me when in renting, because a miscommunication can lead to a $1500 mistake.

OH I'm not done- fast forward 2 years and Greg finds me another apartment, again UNDER budget and PERFECT. Fee this time, but the deal I got was so friggen fantastic I won't ruin your life by sharing it. So simple, and no secrets. He worked with my schedule and was honest with me the whole time, and able to make sure I was in the best situation possible to get what I wanted.

I love my building, I love my apartment, and I love Sovereign. Yeah I said it. I hope I never have to use another realtor until the day I die (or move out of New York).

The end.

June 2011 by Maggie Taurnac
Gregory Healy is one of the few real estate agents in this city who truly understands the needs of both renters and owners. He knows that for as many different kinds of apartments, there are as many different tenants and as many different landlords. He takes the time to learn about your specific needs so he can find you both an apartment you love (nay, a home), and a landlord who will work well for you. You may not see as many apartments with Greg that you would with other realtors, but that is simply because he is listening and selecting. No one could act with more patience or dedication and we are forever grateful for his helping us find our home.

May 2011 by Jeremy Blanden
After a frustrating ordeal surrounding a pushy broker and management company, working with Gregory Healy was a true breath of fresh air. Not only did he do everything one would expect a good real estate broker to do, but he went above and beyond the call of duty by expediting our paper work for a timely move-in, checking on us during our move in process to make sure there we no issues, and then introducing us to the building owner. He was always honest and forthright about each apartment we viewed. If the time comes for us to ever move again in New York City, Mr. Healy will be our first call! Thank You for everything Gregory!

-Jeremy and Nikki

May 2011 by Paul & Janet Swem, Pinehurst Avenue, NYC
Readers and real estate hunters:
My wife and I recently moved from a 1-bedroom rental to a 2-bedroom rental in the Washington Heights (Hudson Heights) area of Manhattan. After a great deal of searching on our own, we enlisted the help of Greg Healy of Sovereign Associates. From that point on, things moved quickly – thanks to Greg’s assistance and keen eye for what we were in the market for.
Greg proved to be adept at matching the market to our interests, and ended up showing us 5 apartments. He had ready access to all of them in the areas that we were looking, and as a result, our visits to see these properties were efficient – he saved us a ton of valuable time!
Greg was readily accessible throughout our 3-week time frame, from initial hunting to move-in. We could always count on him to return email, phone, and text messages in a timely manner. He was knowledgeable about every aspect of the properties we looked at - lease questions, knowledge of the Superintendent, building storage issues, elevator access, etc. Once we had decided on a new rental. Greg walked us through all aspects of the application process, including personally driving us to the owner’s office for the lease signing.
If you are in the market for real estate, give Sovereign a call. And ask for Greg!