Word Up Community Bookshop - Libreria Comunitaria

December 16,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Word Up Community Bookshop-Libreria Comunitaria

2113 Amsterdam Avenue
(at the corner of 165th Street)
New York, NY 10032

Bookstores, unfortunately, are a bit of a dying breed. With the creation of the internet, TV, online books, etc., bookstores don’t get nearly as much traffic as they used to. However, Word Up: Community Books-Libreria Comunitaria has created a bookstore environment where it is about more than just books, but about creating a space to gather and discuss and feel safe with other members of your community.

Word Up offers all sorts of events throughout the week, from readings to performances, to debating, to open mic nights. They try to offer a variety of activities in hopes of getting people from the neighborhood to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The store is run entirely by volunteers so the people there are not there for a paycheck, but because they truly love books and the community oriented feel of this quaint bookstore.

Another special thing that allows Word Up to stand out is their safe space policy. Since they offer a variety of activities that give people the chance to speak their mind, they strongly believe that all people should be listened to and all people’s opinions bear the same importance and deserve the same respect. Therefore, should someone violate this policy or harass or harm other bookstore-goers, the bookstore reserves the right to ask people to leave. This policy allows people to try and understand other points of view with an open mind and open heart.

This is a special place in our neighborhood and one that should be supported and loved for as long as possible. Their schedule is available online and it is a great way to break up your regular routine and meet new people. 

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