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August 7,2015 | By Gregory Healy |

I've been wondering if there was any purpose to adding my voice to the real estate blog universe of Manhattan but as they say, you won't know unless you try.  So here goes.

I've been working in Hudson Heights & Inwood as a real estate salesperson and then broker since 1991.  I've always tried to be direct and open with the information given to my clients and taught my fellow professionals to do the same. 

I think that is the same attitude I want to bring to this blog...  for it to be a source of information to help people make "adult decisions" with the best information available.  So in the posts to come, please let me know if I am answering questions you've wanted to ask someone or please be direct and ask what you have yet to have answered.

I wish us both luck - you in your search for an apartment to rent or to buy, me in my efforts to be helpful.

Gregory Healy, Real Estate Broker

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On Apr 25, Anonymous wrote:
Both your knowledge and patience has been very helpful on my quest! Thank You

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