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March 3,2016 | By Adrivel Ruiz |
No, it is not a place where you go and will find monks drinking beer (unless they are incognito).
It is one of the nicest sport bars in Washington Heights where "Craft Beer" is the queen of the house. Budda Beer Bar is one of those neighborhood spots where you can enjoy the diversity of the crowd since it's located in a centric part in Uptown Manhattan. 
Buddha Beer Bar in Washington Heights interior
With clients primarily from Inwood, Hudson Heights and, of course, Washington Heights, Buddha Beer Bar is one of those places that produces a great mix of good times and flavors to savor.
They have 26 different taps of crafted beer, so you can count on a great taste selection, and more reasons to return for another flavor the next time.
Buddha Beer Bar in Washington Heights beer tap
My conversation with John, one of the employees, was about the history of the bar, which has been around for the last 4 years and already has a loyal clientele. Buddha Beer Bar offers different activities such as Trivia Night on Thursday every week, Brunch every weekend, and Happy Lunch Hour from noon to 7pm on weekdays. 
Buddha Beer Bar in Washington Heights menu cover
John wanted to be clear with me about the clientele. A lot of people stop by to drink, but they also eat since the bar has a wide variety of options on their menu, including wings, sandwiches, burgers, pizza and more. (Don't you love their menu cover, in the photo above?)
Buddha Beer Bar in Washington Heights beer labels board
The Buddha Beer Bar is located at 4476 Broadway between 192nd & Fairview Ave. and their website is www.buddhabeerbar.com 
Hope to see you hanging around our neighborhood soon! 
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