United Palace Theater

January 23,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

United Palace
4140 Broadway
New York, NY 10033

Gone are the days when going to the movies was like going to the opera. With majestic theatres and architectural feats, a trip to the movies was a trip to another world. The theatres were massive and combined architectural styles from around the globe. The United Palace Theatre, which opened in 1930, is one of the stunning theatres that has stuck around for decades and turned into a place of entertainment, spirituality, and celebration.

Bought by Reverend Ike in the 1960s as massive theaters were a dying breed, he turned it into a place of spirituality and has become an all-inclusive and non-denominational spiritual community. Currently run by Revered Ike’s son Xavier Eikerenkoetter, the United Palace offers Sunday service, community gatherings, choir and dance opportunities, as well as youth and volunteer programs.

Aside from the spiritual piece of the United Palace, it also works as a performance venue and offers many types of entertainment. One of the most fun events is their movie night. A few times a month the United Palace plays a movie and has an event to go along with it. Past events include Jaws, Chitty Chitty Bang-Bang, and it's a Wonderful Life!

The goal of the theatre is to bring back the extravagance of watching a movie in the 1930s.

The theatre is home to many events such as dance events, concerts, youth art groups, and more. They strive to bring together people from all over for a night of enjoyment. The United Palace reminds us of what once was and allows us to experience the past for just a moment. The stunning architecture and magnificent décor allow us all to feel like a princess (or prince) for a night.

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