Things to Know Before You Move to New York City

February 17,2017 | By Staff Editor |

For decades, New York City has been epitomized as the epicenter of American success, a place where careers are born, dreams are realized, and culture is defined. The allure of living here has been further perpetuated by Hollywood’s version of the Big Apple, in which everyone works glamorous 9-5s and parties like there’s no tomorrow. But what is it really like to move here, to live and work alongside the 1.6 million other people who choose to call Manhattan home?

Whether you’re considering moving here to pursue a new career, to attend one of the city’s renowned schools, or simply for the life experience, there are a few things you should know before packing up your life and relocating.

With the help of our friends from Imperial Moving and Storage, Manhattan’s premier moving company, we’ve come up with a newcomer’s guide to living in NYC. 


This snapshot gives you a glimpse at what it really costs to live here, what the weather’s like, the truth about income and tax rates, and other important things to consider when contemplating a New York relocation. What the numbers don’t tell is just how palpable the energy is in this electrifying city. Yes, it might be expensive and fast-paced, but life here is always full of interesting experiences and people!

Ready to make the leap? Finding the perfect place to call home can be tricky in New York’s booming real estate market, which is why it’s a great idea to enlist the help of a professional. For over 25 years, Greg Healy, Principal Broker of Sovereign Associates Real Estate, has helped clients relocating to Upper Manhattan.

The northern end of New York’s most crowded borough offers residents lower rents, easy commutes, and more space than other areas of the city, making it the ideal place to live if you’re moving to New York for the first time.

Whether you’re looking for a roomy abode in the close-knit Washington Heights community, a family-friendly space in the Upper West Side, or affordable off-campus housing in Morningside Heights, Sovereign Associates can help you find the perfect place! 

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