The People’s Theatre—Fun in the Sun

July 18,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

The People’s Theatre—Fun in the Sun

Most people, at some point in their childhood, end up getting pulled in to some sort of school theatre project. A few of those kids will fall in love with theatre and become the next George Clooney or Amy Schumer, but most of us enjoy it while it lasts but move on to other interests. Rarely, however, do we get the chance to do some fun theatre with our parents. The People’s Theatre Project is offering an opportunity for families with kids ages 4-10 to create performances inspired by our parks.

The classes will be led by one of TPT’s professional team leaders and will be located at the Payson Playground. Kids love an opportunity to play games and let their sillies out, but in this case, they will also get the chance to create some art. They are offering drop in classes on multiple dates throughout the summer starting on July 17th. They are also offering a 3-day mini Camp from August 14th-16th. To join this pre-registration is required, but for the drop-in classes, all you need to do is bring your acting hat on and show up at 10AM ready to have some fun. The dates for the events are July 17th and 25th, August 1st and 8th. This is a great way to have some summer fun and get to spend some quality family time outdoors.

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