The Hispanic Society Museum and Library

December 9,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

Northern Manhattan is known to be home to many different cultures and people of unique backgrounds. The people who live here love to share their cultures with others as well as learn from each other. One of the organizations hoping to share their culture is the Hispanic Society Museum and Library, which is home to the preservation works of art, literature, and culture of all places whose history stems from Spanish and Portuguese culture. It is considered the “premier collection of Hispanic arts and culture.”



The museum was created by Archer Huntington in 1904 as a place to centralize the study of Hispanic art and history. He dedicated his life to creating one of the greatest collections of Hispanic art and literature. This collection has grown over the last 100 years and is an impressive collection from some of the world’s most famous Hispanic artists. Works included were produced by the likes of Francisco de Goya, Diego Velasquez, and El Greco, among others.




The physical home of the museum is a stunning building on the Audubon Terrace which reflects architectural styles from different Hispanic cultures. The building has undergone multiple renovations and grown tremendously since its inception. It is currently undergoing renovations for its roof and other gallery upgrades totaling $15 million, so the massive collections are being displayed at El Museo del Prado in Madrid. Despite not being currently open, this museum is an often-overlooked museum by tourists, but happens to be one of the most impressive in the city. It is definitely one to keep on your radar until it re-opens in next year in Fall 2019.


Location: 613 W 155th St, New York, NY 10032

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