Super Foodtown Nourishes Washington Heights

August 31,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Super Foodtown Nourishes Washington Heights

By Carolyn Gibbs

Residents of Washington Heights are getting healthier thanks to the brand new Super Foodtown which recently opened its doors. It’s located on the corner of W 160th Street and Broadway.

The multicolor streamers and grand opening sign are a welcome sight for the community, 

which was in need of a fully equipped grocery store.


When shoppers enter the store, they’re greeted by the leafy greens and bright colors of the fruits, vegetables and organics of the produce section.


The two-level store rivals its downtown competitors, Fairway and Whole Foods, where residents have been jumping on the 1 Train and buses to lug groceries home. Instead of hopping the train, shoppers can now hop the escalator or elevator to the 2nd floor, where the butcher and seafood counter await you, and aisles of groceries and frozen foods to fill your cart. 


On the 2nd floor there’s also a large dining room where shoppers can take a break, and dine in if they’d like. There are a large selection of foods made on the premises; hot foods, pizza, and a bakery to satisfy any sweet tooth. Surprisingly, the location also has a large beer department, with craft brews from both local and international breweries.



Another service is that they will take requests for items that are not stocked. “Just tell us what you want and we’ll do our best to get it,” said AZ of the Customer Service Desk. “We’re also adding a Foodtown Pharmacy soon.” The pharmacy will be part of the store at the corner on Broadway.


Whether you’re stocking up for the week or just rushing in for a few things, it’s great to have a
Super Foodtown in the neighborhood.

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