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As a small real estate boutique, Sovereign Associates tries to give back to local communities and neighborhoods. StreetSquash is a wonderful nonprofit afterschool program servicing Harlem and Newark that Sovereign proudly supports as a corporate sponsor, and we are excited to announce that we have just employed our first StreetSquash alumnae as an intern! As part of our commitment to support and partner with StreetSquash, Sovereign donates $10 for each client feedback email sent it. In the month of October, we had 18 clients respond, bringing the combined client and brokerage donation to $520!

StreetSquash is celebrating its 20th year of service offering academic support, college prep, and squash to families and students in Harlem and Newark. The organization has much to celebrate- here are some great milestones:

-There were 169 returning 7th-12th graders

-30 ladies celebrated International Women’s Squash Week

-1 classroom renovated in Harlem exclusively for College Prep programming

-6 new program staff joined the team across both program sites

-70 StreetSquash alumni began or continued their pursuit of college degrees this fall

-37 seniors began college applications in the StreetSquash Class of 2019 in Harlem and Newark


StreetSquash offers several ways to get involved in the important work they do. If interested, you can volunteer with students in the classroom or on the court, join the StreetSquash Young Leadership Committee, or donate to the organization!

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