Popeye’s Locksmith

January 17,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

Popeye’s Locksmith
723A W 181st St
New York, NY 10033

There are many locksmith’s in New York City which makes for a lot of competition. However, Popeye’s Locksmith has differentiated itself with exceptional service, professionalism, fair pricing, and empathetic employees. At Sovereign, we have used these guys for years and continue to go back because they practice good morals and strong business practices. They are kind, understanding, and are always willing to help customers, especially those who are new to the neighborhood.

Popeye’s has been in Washington Heights for over 35 years and promote strong neighborhood connections, as proven by the fact that we have been using them forever. Popeye’s is more than just making people keys. They believe in making people feel safe by providing whatever protection necessary, whether it be window guards, deadbolts, or an extra lock.

This Locksmith cares about its customers and helps them as much as they can. One customer was locked out of their apartment on a holiday and someone still came to let them in after closing. This is because they offer a 24-hr emergency option. They are efficient, honest, and run a company focused on providing the best service possible. Popeye’s Locksmith services all of Northern Manhattan so definitely use them if you need any security measures or just need an extra key because you keep losing yours (aka me).


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