Neighborhood Mural Art in the Bronx

December 9,2016 | By Greg Healy |

I was really impressed to discover what a non-profit organization called "501 See Streets" is doing to beautify our city. They create mural art, and have painted many murals in an area my apartment rental offices serve, namely the Bronx. You may have passed these and other murals and not been aware that there is an organization behind it. Since 2014, 501 See Streets has worked to revitalize and beautify NYC's neighborhoods with outdoor art for all to enjoy. 

Noah Sheroff, Founder and Executive Director of 501 See Streets, provided the information about the following murals created by his organization in the Bronx:

1) "Artists are Zukie and JPO. JPO at the time was living in Throggs Neck. Zukie is from Long Island. They were compensated for supplies. That [photo below] was only our fourth project (even before we were an actual nonprofit). The Westchester Square Business Improvement District sponsored that mural. Location is between Frisby Avenue and Tratman Avenue on Benson Street in Westchester Square."

2)  "The photo [below] with the police officers was our third project. Location is East 198th Street and Jerome Avenue and artists are brother and sister duo, Marthalicia Matarrita and Jorge Matarrita. We partnered with the 52nd Precinct in the Bronx. There were supposed to be plans for more murals but the officer we were working with was transferred. Marthalicia is a veteran and is from the Bronx and West Harlem. Jorge is from West Harlem. This piece was completed without funding."

3) "The baseball player gates [five photos below] are along River Avenue and 161st Street. Mariano Rivera is gone... crazy story: in order to prepare for the new gates, the owner actually cut out the mural and sold the piece as scrap metal. The pieces were completed by Danielle Mastrion (Ruth, Rivera), Lexi Bella (Gehrig, Jeter... Jeter made the Gatorade commercial) and Andre Trenier (Mantle and Clemente). Andre is from the Bronx. The artists were compensated by the 161st Street Business Improvement District. This was our first project."



4) "The garden gate [photo below] was created by Gia Gutierrez. It was part of a larger series of gates sponsored by the Kingsbridge Business Improvement District. Gia is originally from Jamaica, Queens but lives in East Harlem. These gates are located at 212 West 233rd Street. Gia was compensated by the BID."

5) "The piece with the students standing in front of it [photo below] is located at 339 Morris Avenue. The artist is Shawn Bullen. He is from Chicago and is now living in Brooklyn. He was compensated by the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. They're a nonprofit that provides music seminars at schools. This was part of that."

As Noah explained to us, 501 See Streets brings professional artists together with community groups, Business Improvement Districts, police precincts, real estate companies like Sovereign Associates, and local businesses and residents to create inspiring works of art on walls (indoor and outdoor) and rolled gates that revitalize commercial and residential districts. Funding for supplies and artist compensation comes from various sponsors and groups.

You can see more photos and get additional information by going to 501 See Streets


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