Mill Korean

April 9,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

2895 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

Despite the plethora of different food that we have here in Northern Manhattan, I have not found a lot of different options for Korean food. However, we are lucky to have one, which my family has been quite loyal to over the years, The Mill Korean. One of the reasons we love coming here, other than the fact that it’s good, is because they offer a great lunch special.

At an affordable price, you can get a full meal with free sides like kimchi. Depending on your experience with Korean food will influence what you think about this place. I personally love it because it is quick, tasty, and a cool feel. However, it is quite a close environment and tables are shared so if you want to have a more private dinner, this would not be the place. Almost every time I’ve come here it has been busy which proves that it is surely a neighborhood favorite.

I am a big fan of fried rice dishes. They have been my favorites for as long as I can remember and I always love trying different assortments of them. When I am at Mill Korean I love to get the rice or curry dishes, but my brother and dad are big fans of the bibim bap. We love going there for a quick bite and usually find ourselves there for lunch. Overall, it is a great option for a tasty and quick meal in the middle of the day.


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