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1593 St. Nicholas Ave.
New York, NY 10040

Wow wow wow! Mediterraneo is a really awesome pizza shop which has distinguished itself by making pizzas unique to their restaurant. It has gotten creative and is not like any old pizza store. For one, CREPES! They sell crepes! How often do you see that at a pizza shop? They have all the classic pizzas, but they’ve also taken it upon themselves to have a little fun. They offer a Pico de Gallo pizza for those who love to mix their cuisines and they have a chicken parm pizza for those who LOVE Italian food. There are over 10 different types of pies so you’re gonna have to check back more than once.

Mediterraneo pizza also offers a few specials that are super unique like their Zaatar (thyme) pie and their Lahmajeen (meat) pie. Another special combines their crepes and their pizza because they offer a Nutella pie. That’s right! It is Nutella with toppings and whipped cream. How could anyone complain about that! Other than pizza and crepes, Mediterraneo offers pastas, hero’s, and salads, but they are definitely most famous for their pizza pizza pizza!

The store is small on the inside, yet it has a few places to sit. However, they do have delivery and pick up so you can still get their delicious food. The staff are friendly and the prices of the food are not outrageous by any means. It is a place where everyone can enjoy a bit of the Mediterranean and a little French sweet treat for dessert!

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