Marjorie Elliot's Jazz Parlor

November 16,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Parlor Jazz at Marjorie Eliot’s
New York, NY 1003
555 Edgecombe Ave 3F

Every Sunday, if you walk along Edgecombe Ave and 160th street around 4, you will hear the sounds of jazz wafting through the streets. These sounds are coming from one Ms.Marjorie Eliot’s studio. Who is Marjorie Eliot? Is she a famous jazz musician? Nope. She is an amazing woman who nearly 20 years ago decided to open up her home to anyone for a few hours each week. Anyone can bring their instrument and join the fun because she excludes no one.

Since she started this event, she has never missed a Sunday. No matter the weather and without taking a vacation, Ms.Eliot has successfully kept this little party going for years. She is a wonderful woman who just wants to provide people a place to enjoy jazz. Jazz clubs do not thrive the way they once did and this community oriented parlor jazz experience brings us back to a time when jazz was everywhere.

The concert is free, but donations are graciously accepted. People wait outside for a couple hours to make sure they get in so try to arrive a little early. Also, remember that this is her home, where she lives, so get excited and have fun but try not to overdo it. Lastly, be social and friendly! There are some incredible people here and you can learn a lot by talking to new people. Marjorie’s is an amazing atmosphere and a great place to enjoy a Sunday, rain or shine. 

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