Kuro Kuma Coffee

December 26,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Kuro Kuma Coffee
121 La Salle St
New York, NY 10027

As grand of a city as New York is and as much as it has to offer, sometimes it can feel overwhelming and like it's swallowing you. Don’t fear though, it never does. However, one thing that can make this large city feel a little smaller and a little more personal is finding the right coffee shop. Of course, there is a Starbucks on practically every corner, but those feel the same in every city. A perfect little coffee shop can make all the difference in the world, especially if you go often, befriend the baristas and get recognized as a regular. My suggestion is to go to Kuro Kuma Coffee, located on La Salle between Broadway and Claremont.

Consistently claimed to be the best espresso in Morningside Heights, Kuro Kuma offers both quality product and quality service. The store is a quaint little place with about 4 tables and a couple of benches outside. There is not an ever-changing number of baristas so if you go consistently you’ll be happy to see a friendly face waiting to help you out. Not only are the baristas recognizable, but the owners like to spend time in the shop and will often be the ones to take your order.

Being located across the street from our downtown office, this sweet and charming shop has become a favorite among our associates. Greg, our fearless leader, would recommend a vanilla latte, with some beautiful latte art on it. I myself love a tasty cappuccino. Definitely give this coffee shop a try and if you go often enough make sure to grab a punch card because you’ll be racking up the free coffees in no time. Plus, while you’re grabbing your daily cup of joe, stop by our office and say hi!

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