Jordan Romer, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Spotlight

April 1,2016 | By Jordan Romer |

I’ve been a Real Estate Agent in New York City for over three years, and it’s a perfect fit for me as a career goes, because I love the city and it’s a joy to show people the many opportunities for a fantastic lifestyle here, especially in my own part of town—Upper Manhattan.


Although I grew up in Westchester, New York (photo above), with all its charm, colonial roads and historical sites, I must have a yearning for more excitement, energy and ever-changing opportunities in my blood because I really thrive on living in New York City!

Working in the same neighborhood of Hudson Heights and Washington Heights where I live is a real treat for me because it affords me the opportunity to show clients all my favorite parks, restaurants and places to go in this area.

In fact, watching this community grow each and every year has been amazing to experience.  Getting to know and seeing families in the parks all year ’round is a wonderful thing, as the seasons change and bring new activities for everyone to enjoy outside, despite being in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting cities.  


When I'm not showing apartments to my clients, you can frequently find me playing golf. I also enjoy basketball, which I played while attending the University of Hartford. I studied psychology and sports management, and you might be surprised how that background actually helps me serve my clients’ needs and also understand the value of being a team player at Sovereign Associates.

My greatest pleasure is helping others in life.   It brings me great joy to hear how I was the person who changed someone’s life for the better, just like someone did for me when he introduced me to the Heights—that man is actually the broker I work for now, Greg Healy.   

If you have a dog, I’ll warn you up front that we may have to thumb wrestle to determine whose pet is the best. I love my dog Oscar, who is the cutest Dachshund ever, and an enthusiastic companion for city living. That's Oscar below, finding apartments for my clients. He never sleeps!


Yankees fan? Oh, yeah.  I love watching my Yankees in person or on television.  One of the many advantages of living in the northern tip of Manhattan is that a trip to Yankee Stadium is just a subway ride away.

Did I mention food? New York City is a mecca for foodies, and I love to try out new styles of cuisine at every opportunity. Know a place I should put on my list? Drop me a line and let me know.

My growing family is my life.  I’m the proud uncle to two amazing nephews and two adorable nieces. 

Now that you know more about me, why not contact me and let me know about you—are you or someone you know looking for an apartment in Upper Manhattan? It would be my great pleasure to help you find a great place.

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