“Inwood Gourmet” Offers Local Cheeses, Olives, Greek Yogurt and More

November 20,2015 | By Annie Hawkins |

Inwood Gourmet is an intimate food shop with cut-to-order cheeses (many of them local), olives and flavored olive oils, locally-made Greek yogurt, and other specialty Mediterranean items such as fresh Halavah.

Owners Lauren Skoulatos and Lenny Garcia offer an extensive array of choices, striving to stock as many locally-produced products as possible, such as their interesting varieties of artisanal cheeses, including vegan cheese, and hand crafted jellies like pumpkin ale and other beer-flavored jellies.

Lauren and Lenny, who are Inwood residents, explain that it was their own inability to find gourmet items in the neighborhood that prompted them to open Inwood Gourmet in 2013. Customers report that it is a welcome addition to the community. 

Lauren's Parents at Inwood Gourmet

[Photo:  Lauren's Parents at Inwood Gourmet]

According to a customer named Sherry, "Inwood Gourmet is a breath of fresh air since its opening. Not only does Lauren carry a wonderful variety of goods, cheeses, jams, crackers, smoothies to order, spinach pie, endless gourmet items. Where else can you find pickled cauliflower? So great for summer on a hamburger or hotdog. Fresh Halavah! Besides all that, it's a place to meet and greet, where neighbors enjoy each other, especially when the store hosts an evening party.”

Interior of Inwood Gourmet

[Photo: Some of the items available at Inwood Gourmet]

Inwood Gourmet is located at 95 Cooper Street in Inwood, right next to Inwood Hill Park.

Located in Manhattan's northern-most point, it’s a great stop after you go to the Inwood Greenmarket on Saturdays, so you can gather your small batch pantry items and gourmet cheeses on the way home. By the way, the Greenmarket is held on Saturdays, year-round from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Isham Street between Seaman Avenue and Cooper Street.

Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood, Inwood Gourmet is worth a trip from adjacent areas. It’s a short walk to the store from both the A train and the 1 train at their respective 207th Street stops.

Dash in on your lunch hour or on the way home from work because their delicious “Grab-and-Go Salads” are also available.

Shoppers at Inwood Gourmet

[Shoppers at Inwood Gourmet]

A customer of Inwood Gourmet named Alex stated, “We love it! We are so happy with everything we picked up there. The Greek yogurt is the creamiest, thickest and best we have had. The variety of cheeses are incredible. If you are a cook or just love salads, the fig vinegar and the blood orange olive oil are to die for. They make every meal exciting and inspiring especially if you are in a rut. They also have a garlic olive oil that is great for marinades and a champagne pear vinegar. I had a very hard time choosing what to get because they carry fantastic products. If you like spicy food you have to get the pineapple habañero jam. I also picked up a bourbon caramel that is great with vanilla ice cream or by the spoonful. What a find! It's a great place for sinful indulgence or unique gifts for any foodie. We will be back.”

Exterior of Inwood Gourmet in Manhattan

[Photo: Inwood Gourmet in Upper Manhattan]

Lauren and Lenny create fun events at Inwood Gourmet like Falafel Friday and Slider Saturday where you can mingle with neighbors while enjoying gourmet delicacies and shopping for specialty and gift items. They will be celebrating the store’s anniversary on November 21st. Why not stop by and see for yourself all they have to offer at Inwood Gourmet?

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