Insomnia Cookies for Your Midnight Cravings in Morningside Heights

May 27,2016 | By Greg Healy |

Looking for a warm, sweet, delicious midnight snack? You’ve probably seen the “Insomnia Cookies” stores while traveling around Manhattan. Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to get a boxful of cookies like I did.

Insomnia Cookies delivered a pizza-box style container filled with luscious warm cookies to a business meeting at my office recently, and I’m happy to report that their products are truly enjoyable.

The store manager of the Morningside Heights Insomnia Cookies store, Victoria Velazquez, agreed to be interviewed for our blog, and I’m pleased to pass along her serious recommendation that the point of cookies isn’t to read about them—it’s to enjoy eating them!


The history of the company caught my attention because it was the bright idea of a college student in 2003. Seth Berkowitz, studying at the University of Pennsylvania, realized there was a definite need in the marketplace for delivering warm cookies to students who were up late cramming for a test. Today, the company has expanded to 90 locations, with plans for more storefronts.

As Victoria pointed out, Insomnia Cookies has gift assortments and menu items that can be shipped to friends and dorms, as well as delivered for meetings or parties. Insomnia Cookies also has individually wrapped cookies available in quantity for your fundraising events.

You don’t have to be awake in the middle of the night to indulge your craving for soft, warm, fresh cookies.  Delivery hours for most Insomnia Cookies locations is from noon to 3am daily.  Their store hours are 11am-3am.

Be sure to stop in and check out their entire menu of cookies and…ice cream, too.  

Insomnia Cookies, 1028 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, 10025

Or go to their store locator at INSOMNIA COOKIES And you can check out the specials and coupons while you’re there. 

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