Greg Healy Wins Award 10 Best Real Estate Professionals for Client Satisfaction

August 30,2016 | By Sovereign Associates |

Greg Healy Wins Award “10 Best Real Estate Professionals in New York State for Client Satisfaction” from the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals.


                                Greg Healy wins 10 best real estate professionals award

Gregory Healy, principal broker of Sovereign Associates, Inc., has been awarded a plaque for being one of the “10 Best” Real Estate Agents in the state of New York.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the clients whose nominations made it possible for me to receive this award,” Healy stated. “As an independent real estate broker in New York City, it’s a great honor to be recognized for the work I do and the level of customer satisfaction my company strives to maintain.”

In his career of over 20 years in real estate rentals and sales, Healy has made it a personal and professional goal to build his business on the principles of customer service, integrity, and honesty.

“We already have a 5-star reviews status with Yelp and other independent companies,” Healy added. “This '10 Best' award plaque means a lot to me because it acknowledges the commitment my team and I have made to bring the best service possible to our real estate clients.”

Here is what the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals says about the award Greg Healy was given:

American Institute of Real Estate Professionals is an impartial third-party rating organization comprised of 7 divisions consisting of legal and real estate professionals.  The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals compiles an exclusive list of the “10 Best” Real Estate Agents for each State.

This is a prestigious honor for the Real Estate Agent as each Agent must:

  • Be formally nominated by the Institute, client, and/or fellow agent;
  • Have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in his or her area; and
  • Having done so with an impeccable Client Satisfaction rating.

Many Real Estate Agents can achieve high degrees of success but this is often times at the expense or satisfaction of the most important person- the client. The American Institute of Real Estate Professionals looks for Agents that have achieved unparalleled success but most importantly have done so for the benefit of their client. Very few Real Estate Agents can do so and our organization recognizes this significant achievement.

Our rating system helps clients throughout the United States make educated decisions when it comes to choosing their Real Estate Agent. Membership is an exclusive honor and extended only to those select few who have reached the top of their profession while doing so with the client’s satisfaction being of the most paramount importance.


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