Graffiti Hall of Fame

April 18,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

Playground of Jackie Robinson Educational Complex
106th St and Park Ave

New York, NY 10029

New York City is home to some of the world’s most talented artists, but not all of them are displayed on the walls of the Met. Many of the best artists’ work you pass walking down the street. While officials try to hunker down on stopping street art, there is no stopping the best graffiti artists out there. The known big spot for graffiti art used to be 5 Pointz, but with the decision to build condo’s instead that art was painted over.


The tried and true place to go for some vibrant and thought provoking street art is the Graffiti Hall of Fame located on East 106th st and Park Ave. Despite much of NYC’s graffiti art getting covered almost as quickly as it appears, locals pushed to have this location made a permanent marker for street art.


Located on the walls of a school year, Sting Ray and some followers in 1980 created a spot where graf artists could come and practice their art. However, it has developed to contain art from of the world’s most renowned street artists. The pieces are vibrant, colorful, expressive and reflect the beauty in an often frowned upon form of artistry.

?It is quite a beautiful thing to see and is filled with rich history. After checking it out head down a few blocks South to Earl’s Beer and Cheese, located on 97th and Park. Grab some of their famous bread pudding and play a game of jenga with your friend and family. You will definitely have a full day and a new neighborhood to begin exploring.


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