George Washington Bridge

January 4,2019 | By Sovereign Associates |

There are many places in New York where you are able to get a stunning view of the cityscape. However, many of them lack in comparison to the George Washington Bridge, especially at night. Driving into the city on the GWB gives you that same sense of exciting arrival into the city that happens when you fly over it in a plane. The problem is, when in a car and going fast it is hard to truly enjoy the beauty of the view. One of the best ways to enjoy the view is to take a walk across the bridge and enjoy it for as long as you like.




The bridge entrance is up in Washington Heights and it spans about a mile long before spilling out into Fort Lee, NJ. I think it is beautiful all year round, but if you don’t want to brave the cold then I would definitely recommend doing this walk on a beautiful day in any other season. The walking path over the bridge is also open to bike riders.




Once you get to the center of the bridge and look out over the Hudson River down towards the city you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the city skyline. New York City is magical when you’re in it, but sometimes can be overwhelming. However, once you step outside of the city and look at it from a distance, it reminds you what a special place it really is. New York is unlike any other place in the world, but sometimes you’ve got to take step back to remember it.






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