Fairway Market

November 25,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

You’ve finally moved all your stuff into your new apartment in the greatest city in the world. Your boxes are all unpacked, the wifi guy just left, and your bed is finally made after putting it off for days, but alas you are moved in. Wait! You’re still missing something very important...food. You’ve been living on take-out for the past few days because pots and pans were hidden away in boxes, but now that they’re free you need something to cook.

This is where my favorite grocery store in New York City comes into play. That’s right. Not just Northern Manhattan, but in all of the five boroughs. Granted I have not gone to every single one, but I’ve tried my fair share of them and this one always comes out on top. Fairway Market; “Like No Other Market.” And their logo is not lying. Fairway has everything you could ever want. Amazing produce and fruit, high quality meat, fresh barrels of coffee, and any food you could imagine. Also, food you probably had no idea existed. It’s a one stop shop for everything you need, whether you are gluten-free, vegan, following a paleo diet, or if you exist on ice cream, Fairway has what you need and want you don’t even realize you want.




One of my favorite parts of the store, and this is not for everyone, is the olive station. There are mountains of olives, every kind you can imagine, and you get to make your own mix. I often do a little taste test, but not sure if it’s allowed or not, but so far I am still welcome back so I think they’re okay with it. They also have a cold room, which is like a gigantic refrigerator that you walk in and it has aisles and aisles of cold foods; anything frozen or cold (i.e. beer, yogurt, butter, milk, meat) will all be in there. But bring a sweater because they don’t joke when they say cold room.


Fairway lives up to its motto and truly is like no other market.  Check them out online and make sure you give yourself some time to go shop in person! Also, a little advice from a frequent shopper: Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evenings can get super crowded, so try to go a little off peak. I have often gone late on a Sunday after the mad rush, but trying to make a trip during the week usually works out well too. Anyways, give it a try and enjoy a grocery store like no other!


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