Espresso Matto Cafe in Hamilton Heights

February 9,2017 | By Adrivel Ruiz |

Have you heard about Espresso Matto? It’s a unique coffee house with several locations in Manhattan and I recently had the opportunity to meet with Jessica, manager of the Espresso Matto on Broadway between 142nd and 143rd Streets in the Hamilton Heights/West Harlem neighborhood.

A friend told me they not only have great coffee, they also display incredible artwork, and so I stopped by the other day to check it out. As I approached the café, I was surprised to see the sign on the sidewalk that says: “ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING $2.00.” I had to see it with my own eyes! Long story short, it was true. Everything costs $2, all day, not just during certain hours. The only provision is that customers should know that sales tax may apply.

The “everything” menu includes items such as mini bagels with salmon, focaccia, omelette pita, cookies, muffins, pastries, and, of course, fantastic choices of tea and coffee.

The ambiance at Espresso Matto is lovely. There is a wide open space and a friendly bar vibe so that you don’t feel crowded and hemmed-in like in other coffee houses I’ve been to. I found out they have alfajores, which is a very popular cookie in Latin and South America, and one of my favorites growing up in the Dominican Republic. Jessica told me they are expanding their gluten free options, too.  

Without any doubt, this is one of the nicest coffee houses in the area. It's not a secret that the West Harlem/Hamilton Heights neighborhood is changing. Part of the change you’ll see all around when you visit this area are the new coffeeshops and restaurants. In my opinion, Espresso Matto is must-stop place, located at 3495 Broadway, a short walk from the #1 train at 145th. 

When you go in Espresso Matto in Hamilton Heights, be sure to tell Jessica that Adri from Sovereign Associates sent you!

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