Emmanuel Felipe, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Spotlight

April 22,2016 | By Emmanuel Felipe |

I was born in the Dominican Republic, and I proudly go back to visit whenever possible to spend time with my family members who are still there. Not only is it wonderful to take my young son to meet his relatives, but while we are there we enjoy music, food, and spending quality time together. 

As a child, I came to reside in New York City with my family, so although I have roots in the Dominican, I am a true-blue New Yorker as well. As a Caribbean-born professional man, I love living in a city like New York with its exciting diversity in culture, food and music. 

Manhattan is definitely my favorite place to carry out both my career and personal life.  Although I have resided in the Bronx area, I am very familiar with New York City as a whole -- from the Yankees, to Grand Central, to the Museums and people in the Heights. 

One of my favorite things to do in New York is go camping.  I enjoy erecting a tent, cooking food outdoors, and laying on a hammock while listening to my son's fun imagination spin stories and plans for his life. 

Emmanuel Felipe camping with his son

Speaking about my son, my favorite role in life is definitely being a father.  He has taught me things from appreciating the small details in life to reminding me that I must be the best I can, as in his eyes I am a hero (and enjoy believing that I am). He sure keeps me on my toes!  Other things I enjoy are mountain biking, visiting the Amazon Angels Falls, and also volunteering in an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. 

Emmanuel Felipe camping

As a real estate agent, all these roles make up the man who is “me,” and allows me to say with confidence that I can guarantee to find the perfect place for a family or help a single person find their happy nest. I enjoy showing people different locations and communities and meeting their every need. Contact me if I can help you with your apartment search.

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