Dyckman Family Farmhouse

May 1,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

4881 Broadway
New York, NY 10034

New York City is known as the concrete jungle (where dreams are made up), but before these incredible skyscrapers were constructed Manhattan was filled with farms upon farms, with rolling hills, forests and houses much farther apart than today, since we all leave 5 feet from someone else. But as time went on Manhattan slowly developed into an urban environment, the now well-known grid system was put into place, and farm houses all over the city were replaced with large concrete buildings.

Nevertheless, one beautiful and historic piece of that era has withstood the test of time and is now the only farmhouse left in Manhattan. As the city began to grow and tall buildings were erected, this quaint little townhouse stood strong. While it has lost much of its original land, it still maintains a garden space of nearly ½ an acre, unheard of for a city house.
The Dyckman Farmhous is filled with rich history and incredible educational opportunities. The ?Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Alliance is dedicated to keeping the public well informed regarding the history of the house. They offer many events throughout the year for people of all ages and they try to use their museum platform to bring art and history programs into schools. The Farmhouse is more than just a place to learn about Manhattan’s farming history, but also a place to get people engaged in the community. It is a must-see in Upper Manhattan so check them out online, find a program that suits your fancy, and try to go see this important piece of our city’s history.

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