Community Food & Juice

April 14,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

2893 Broadway
New York, NY 10025

When it opened in 2007, had a hope to provide high quality food that was organic, sustainable, and healthy. Over the years, and with their focus on caring for the body and for the earth, Community has turned itself into a neighborhood favorite. They create American style food with Eastern influences. They have created a welcoming environment for all in order to make the highest quality dining experience. Whenever I go I am always incredibly pleased with the speed of service and the kindness of the servers.

One of the amazing things that separates Community from the rest of the restaurants in New York is their extreme focus on being green and on only serving the finest quality local and organic ingredients. Since they built the restaurant from scratch, they could make as many decisions eco-friendly as possible. Much of the structure is made from reclaimed and recycled product that was simply refurbished and refinished. Nearly everything from the hand dryers to the lightbulbs has been put together with an ecofriendly hand. Even the food comes from the most organic and anti-biotic free farms in the area. Not only do they serve great food, but they have a strict compost and recycling program that we don’t get to see from the dining room.

Community Food & Juice became a favorite because they serve amazing food. Had they not been able to come up with great dishes, their restaurant would not have survived, no matter how eco-friendly. They have a great brunch option and are super generous with the coffee (thank you, giant mugs!) My personal favorite dish is the rice bowl with chicken. I always tell myself I’m going to try something new, but I just can’t stop myself from ordering my favorite. Also, they change the menu seasonally to make sure they are making the freshest dishes. Although, I’m reading the menu as I write this post and man it is making my mouth water! I gotta get over to Community asap! Hope to see you there!

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