Café Amrita

May 29,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

301 W 110th St.
New York, NY 10026

Café Amrita is a lovely hidden gem just off the top of Central Park. Located on 110 between Columbus and Central Park West. One thing I love is that they are supporters of soccer! Unlike most bars in the United States which focus on football, basketball, and baseball, Amrita puts more emphasis on soccer. Café Amrita is an interesting place because it switches between brunch spot, café, and bar depending on the time of day. I have been there in the evening for dinner and had an enjoyable time.

The service was good and the food was super tasty (and there was a soccer game on.) I can’t say I’ve ever come here for the bar, but from what I’ve heard it’s fine. However, Café Amrita thrives more as a café than a bar. It offers a neighborhood vibe and their outdoor seating is a great place to enjoy a weekend brunch with some friends. Their main offerings for food are an assortment of paninis, wraps, and quiches, so it is a great place to find a tasty and simple meal.

Café Amrita offers quality coffee as well and is a good neighborhood place for college students to study. With the options for every time of day, you could spend the whole day cramming for finals and getting some quality nutrition while you’re at it.

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