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December 2,2018 | By Sovereign Associates |

There are A LOT of different kinds of food in New York City. During my time here I’ve tried a lot of Chinese places, Thai places, Vietnamese places, Mexican places, Ethiopian places, Indian Places, American places... the list goes on! But one thing that I don’t hear much about is Venezuelan food. When I heard about Cachapas Y Mas I knew I had to check it out. The owner, Larry Villalobos, is a former New York City taxi driver who wanted a change of pace 10 years ago. Originally from Venezuela he wanted to share traditional Venezuelan foods with the area of Washington Heights. The neighborhood was hooked immediately and he soon gained a reputation in the area.


After being recognized for its traditional and unique dishes by top publications like The New York Times, The Daily News, and Village Voice, Mr. Villalobos opened up Cachapas Y Mas on Dyckman and now has a home in Ridgewood, NJ. A Cachapa is a sweet corn pancake filled with delicious combinations of meat and cheese. They burst with flavor from sauces and marinades to provide your taste buds with an exciting treat. That covers the Cachapas part of the restaurant’s name, but the Y Mas (and more) part includes countless other traditional Venezuelan sandwiches. These options include Patacones, Tacuchos, Arepas, Yoyos, Pepitos, (all of which are different styles of Venezuelan sandwiches) and tons of finger foods. Can you believe how many names and styles of sandwiches they have!? 

Cachapas Y Mas is authentic from its head down to its toes. They offer traditional food, drink, and dessert for the most enjoyable and tasty experience possible. With the mobile truck still hopping around the city and with two locations, Cachapas Y Mas is the kind of restaurant that can’t be missed. Places like this are what make New York City a true melting pot and Northern Manhattan a truly special place.



Location: 10 7B Dyckman St Ny, NY 10040

107B DYCKMAN ST NY, NY 10040

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