Burger Heights

October 26,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Burger Heights: The Shake Shack of the Heights

177 Wadsworth Ave
New York NY 10033

79 Audubon Ave
New York, NY 10032

New York City restaurants are constantly fighting to be named the best burger around. Among that fight are “high-end fast food” burger joints hoping to become the crowd favorite for people trying to find a quick bite. While Shake Shack has a more well-known following, smaller joints are starting to pop up around the city. One of the top competitors is Burger Heights. With two locations in Washington Heights, one on Wadsworth and 181st and the other on Audubon and 169th, Burger Heights is getting recognized as the Shake Shack of Washington Heights, but better.

Burger Heights is special because they’ve created unique offerings with fresh ingredients and fun names! All the burgers are named for places in the Heights like the Audubon Burger and the Amsterdam Burger. They also have options for vegetarians with black bean burgers or veggie burgers. They also provide a great selection of toppings from caramelized onions to guacamole. The prices are the same if not less than Shake Shack, but the quality and the options are much better. Burger Heights is a place that needs to be checked out and is quite a special gem for our neck of the woods. 


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