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April 22,2018 | By Annie Hawkins |

As we are finally seeing Spring flowers and trees bloom, it’s a lovely sight to see Burak’s stand of fresh, abundant fruits and vegetables at the corner of West 225th St and Broadway in Marble Hill, when I’m either going to an appointment or coming home for the evening. Burak works a long day—he’s there when I’m on my way to the gym at 7 in the morning, and he seems to be there until sundown every day. He’s got a great spot right there near the 1-Train entrance, and I’m sure he has saved some tired people a trip to the supermarket when they just can’t wait to get home from work.


Sometimes I plan a meal around what I buy from Burak, such as the day he had fresh figs as well as asparagus, and I made sautéed chili-spiced chicken thighs with figs and asparagus for dinner. Burak even has pomegranate arils (no fighting with a whole pomegranate) and okra, though I wouldn’t make a meal combining those. But I did buy broccoli last week and made myself do something creative with it. And he had some gorgeous blueberries that I mixed with my almond-milk yogurt for breakfast.


I have also grabbed some items like avocados or grapes on my way home at the produce stands at 207th and 181st and Broadway, because if it looks beautiful I don’t mind carrying it some extra blocks. I appreciate and encourage these fresh produce stands that are popping up in many neighborhoods, but now that my neighborhood has Burak, I’m less than 2 blocks away from fresh, tasty ingredients for healthy meals and snacks on a daily basis.


Thank you, Burak, and see you again soon!

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