Bread and Yoga

December 30,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Bread & Yoga
5000 Broadway
New York, NY 10034

Bread & Yoga is a special place located in our very own backyard. Unlike anything else around, Bread & Yoga is a gathering place for people to come and learn about themselves, the world, and others. Their goal is to support the journey and growth of individuals in order to enhance the feeling of community and interconnectedness. Despite the name Bread & Yoga, this business does not serve bread. Who knew!? The name comes from the idea that people used to break bread and demonstrate a sense of community. The name stems from that concept of learning and growing from others.

Bread & Yoga offers an impressive array of classes and many that are unique to the business. They have many different types of yoga, including some free summer classes, and different workshops. During the summers, they have free classes in the summers that range from drum circle to West African Dance to baby sign language and intro to meditation. They clearly provide a versatile curriculum.

Aside from these classes, Bread & Yoga offers birthing and parenting classes for expectant and new parents. These include prenatal yoga, parent & me, and childbirth education, just to name a few. Now, once that child is born and grows up a bit, they also have summer camps, after school programs, family programs, and more! Plus, if you just want to learn some life skills you can take a cooking or sewing class. There are so many more classes that I couldn’t fit in, but Bread & Yoga is bringing back the idea of community and togetherness to a time where we are quite individualized thanks to our devices and being constantly on the go. Bread & Yoga is a must-do activity for everyone! 

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