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947 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10025

Awash is a truly amazing Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of Manhattan Valley; it sits between 106th and 107th on Amsterdam Avenue. I remember going here for the first time in late elementary school, a time when I was an incredibly picky eater, and despite it being a little out of my comfort zone, I found food I loved—and didn’t mind that I got to eat with my hands and my parents couldn’t tell me not to.

The way it works is much different than most restaurants. Instead of each person ordering an individual dish, the table picks a few different dishes and they are shared. First, the servers bring out the authentic Ethiopian injera bread—a flat spongy bread that is quite neutral, but a little tangy in taste. When served, all of the dishes that were ordered are laid out on the edge of the bread and it is eaten by hands. You get to try multiple dishes and will find yourself to be extremely full before you know it. There are not a lot of options for Ethiopian food in Manhattan, at least that I’ve come across, and Awash is not somewhere to skip. It is absolutely delicious and at each meal you have the opportunity to try more than one traditional dish. It’s a secret little place for us Northern Manhattanites, so make sure to check it out. They do have locations in Brooklyn and the East Village, but the Manhattan Valley location is the true original, and the best one! I might be a tiny bit bias, but I think it’s true and trust me, you will too! 

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