Art Stroll: Gaga Pa'l Pueblo

August 10,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Art Stroll: Gaga Pa’l Pueblo

Every summer fun outdoor events pop up all over the city.  Some are aimed at children, some are for adults, and there are ones targeted towards seniors. But some are set up so that any person who breathes will be able to enjoy themselves. One of these summer favorites is the Gaga Pa’l Pueblo in Fort Tryon Park. Every summer this one of a kind event is put together by lovers of music, culture, and community.

The goal of the event is to celebrate Afro-Dominican music and culture and spread love throughout the community. The event is put on to celebrate this unique identity and share with the neighborhood the special sounds and musical styles that belong to the culture. The event gets people moving and shaking all afternoon.  Everyone is welcome to get involved and learn how to use the instruments and dance traditional dances. Check out this video made with the creators of Gaga Pa’l Pueblo!

The Afro-Dominican culture has a strong base with Congo drums and the sounds are super unique with the inclusion of whistles tin can additions. The music is upbeat, fast, and there is no way it won’t make you start bopping around and getting your feet moving. The celebrations take place on Sundays from 3pm-7pm all summer long. The last day will be September 17th so get on over to Anne Loftus Playground, located in the North-East corner of Fort Tryon Park by Riverside and Thayer Street, A.S.A.P to get your groove on.

Anne Loftus Playground in Fort Tryon Park

Located in the North-East corner by Riverside and Thayer Street


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