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May 20,2016 | By Annie Hawkins |

I have lived in New York for 30 years, and in Upper Manhattan since 2004. However, my interest in real estate goes back to some architecture books I bought at Goodwill for $1, not long after I graduated from Rosemont College, outside of Philadelphia.

My curiosity about architecture led to my curiosity about what was going on inside those interesting facades.

In 1998 I started in rental real estate, working downtown, from Greenwich Village to the Financial District. Then, in 2004 I felt drawn to Upper Manhattan after spending a Saturday walking around Inwood with a longtime resident of Thayer Street (89 Thayer sounded so exotic to me at the time).

That day I also saw Greg Healy’s phone number on a building, and I called him. Greg showed me good apartments, but when he suggested Marble Hill I still had the mindset that I didn’t want to go “off the island.” But when I saw the Marble Hill Art-Deco building I was amazed. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a building with windows like this?

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

I was living in Marble Hill for a short time when I told Greg about a 2-bedroom apartment that came up in my building and he said “How would you like to work with me and walk to your listings?” That sounded good to me, and in 2006 I became an Upper Manhattan broker with Sovereign Associates.

Yes, Marble Hill is Part of Manhattan

Marble Hill was physically connected to Manhattan island until the Harlem River was widened in the early part of the 20th century. One of the things I enjoy about Marble Hill is its variety of architecture. There must be very few enclaves in New York that have this much variety in its buildings, and since I love taking pictures of buildings it’s fun documenting these differences.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker   Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

And you can live in Marble Hill and get a view like this!

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

Two of my clients have been looking out over Inwood and all the way to Midtown for a couple of years.

Let’s Take a Walk

Inwood is just a 2-minute walk over the Broadway Bridge and the Harlem River. It goes without saying that I am outside a lot between appointments, and sometimes I sit in Muscota Marsh Park at the top of Inwood, enjoying the “big sky, ” which is beautiful and calming, or a beacon of stormy weather to come.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

When I am walking in Inwood I like to take a moment to notice the changes in “my buildings,” and I like to acknowledge how cared-for they look.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

Inwood is beautiful, and as I walk from 218th St. to 213th St., this block looks like it could be in a classic movie.

And if you keep walking south you will experience parkland on both sides of Seaman Avenue. But besides taking your breath away Inwood will make you smile with its quirks. Men in the cigar store near 213th and Broadway planted tobacco seeds in their tree pit, and they got these big, flowering tobacco plants.

When you’re near Isham St. take a look at the magnificent Inwood Gingko. It’s green right now, but since I walk by it almost every day I have been documenting it through the seasons.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

As I’m walking south with you to show you a big apartment on Cooper St. I may have to take a quick look at what’s new in Paradise Flowers on W 207th St., and if we’re going to Arden St. I’ll hope that Fine Fare has its big selection of plants and flowers out on the sidewalk.

My Time Off Is Green, Too

I like to go to the cactus room in Wave Hill, to the New York Botanical Garden, or down to the flower district on W 28th St. to bring something home. My own indoor garden is looking pretty good right now.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker  Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker  

I know how important it is to feel good in your apartment; it’s the foundation for everything else you do.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

I Was Given a Gift

In early Spring I was given tickets for a quick trip to Paris. As everyone says, it’s quite lovely, though it was still chilly and the flowers weren’t yet blooming. I spent time at some of the great landmarks, but I also took pictures of some of the elegant apartment buildings. I still wonder, what’s going on inside those lovely facades. I hoped the residents were enjoying their apartments, and that they feel like havens, as my apartment did when I returned home.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker   Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker


Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker   Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

At the risk of sounding corny, when I help you find a apartment I hope it becomes a haven for you as you get a good mattress, and decorate your rooms, possibly with photos and plants, to make it your own.

In the meantime I’ll continue to take pictures of the beautiful spots that might be right next to your building. If you see me, please come up and say hello.

Annie Hawkins The Inwood Broker

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