Adrivel Ruiz, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Spotlight

April 8,2016 | By Adrivel Ruiz |

I've been living in Washington Heights – better known as “The Heights” -- for the last six years. It's one of the most beautiful areas in Upper Manhattan. I am a park fan, and since there are so many parks here, maybe that's why I feel that way.

One of my favorite spots is Fort Tryon Park, which is just a short walk from my apartment.  No matter what time of year, the park provides a feeling of serenity in a city that never stops.  Bennett Park and Fort Washington Park (near the George Washington Bridge) are also near me, so I can take a stroll in nature without even needing to take the subway.

I am a native of the Dominican Republic, and I’m fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. In the DR, I was an attorney and my favorite aspect of that career was knowing that I could help people who were going through a challenging time.

Today, as a licensed real estate salesperson in New York City, I still have that passion for serving others when they are in transition or at a crossroads in life, such as seeking an apartment after a divorce or because they are moving to Manhattan for a new job or to attend college.

I will admit to being a “snow bird”—I love to go home to the Dominican Republic during the winter holidays to reconnect with family and friends I left behind when I made my big move to New York a few years back. Oh, and lounging at the beach is a nice plus, as seen below.

My hobbies include photography, and there are many interesting and exciting places to shoot in the Upper Manhattan area with its landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge, Wave Hill, the Cloisters, and the parks I mentioned already.

I also enjoy reading, and spending time with friends and family. Let me know if you have a good book to recommend!  

I feel that being a real estate agent allows me to help people find a great place to live in a vast, diverse, and beautiful city.  NYC provides the opportunity to enjoy so many cultures in one city, but I know from my clients that it can also feel overwhelming to pick a neighborhood that will fit your lifestyle and preferences.

Upper Manhattan has so much to offer in beautiful and big apartments with a lot of character. There are amazing recreational areas, plenty of parks and great views of the Hudson River. There’s also Columbia University and all of the medical center buildings associated with it.

Many people who haven’t visited the area have the misconception that Upper Manhattan is a place where there is nothing much going on, but there are many activities, stores, schools, and restaurants too. It is a great place to live!

If you (or someone you know) are looking for a comfortable place to live in the northern part of New York City, please contact me and I’d be glad to explore how I can help you.

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