A Walk on the Riverside

July 7,2017 | By Sovereign Associates |

Riverside Park

We’ve all had those days when it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside, but we can’t seem to figure out what to do, we’re stuck in a rut. So here’s an idea, visit Riverside Park, stretching from 72nd to 158th streets along the Hudson. Begin your journey at the Northern end of the  Park and spend your day slowly making your way down. Start your day at Riverbank State Park at 137th and Riverside. The park is a state-of-the-art athletic complex inspired by Japanese urban rooftop facilities. It boasts, swimming, a track, playing fields and a rink for ice skating in the winter and roller skating in the summer. Pick one of these many activities and spend a few hours enjoying the view looking over the Palisades, the George Washington, and the Hudson River.

Next, take a stroll down the Hudson and find yourself at the 125th Street Pier. In the summer, there are events happening Thursdays-Sundays which consist of zumba, tango, concerts, game days and more. Check out their schedule to find out what event is happening on your day in the park. These events stretch from June 15th to December 9th.

After you zumba your way around the pier, keep your day of activity going and walk on down to the tennis courts at 119th street in Riverside. Book yourself and a friend or companion a court for an hour and see who can win the best of 5 sets. If you’re anything like I am you might have trouble getting the ball over the night, but no worries because these public tennis courts provide lessons! However, if you decide to become a member and are feeling like you’ve got the skills of Roger Federer, you can sign up to participate in a tournament.

Lastly, after all of these exhausting activities you might be feeling like you need to eat something, or maybe drink something. Well, if you are able to trek a few more blocks, join the summer crown at Ellington in the Park, located on 105th street. Grab yourself a glass of rosé, a cold beer, a glass of lemonade and enjoy the view looking over the Hudson. Down below you’ll see young kids and adults alike playing in the giant sandboxes with volleyball courts and swinging rings. As you chow down on your Mexican corn or your flatbread pizza watch the stunning view of the sun setting on the horizon and make sure to replenish your electrolytes after your not-so-lazy day.

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