December 2018 by Susan and Tom C. , AN EXPERIENCE OF GRATITUDE
I want to make sure that you know how much I - and Tom,too - appreciate your help and kindness as we looked for an apt. Your help was real, with real effects! We have an apt, and I like it very much. But it means a lot that the memory of the experience - finding a place, handling the application and all the docs that go with it - is a good and happy one. Knowing that a professional person is part of the transaction, offering advice and guidance through a process that had made me anxious, you were / are that person and you have made the experience an occasion of gratitude. It is heartening to know that a human being such as you are is alive and working with such grace in the world of real estate.

Thanks a lot, Annie. I’m sure I’ll have to ask your help again. But I feel OK about getting in touch, and look forward to it.

October 2018 by Wendy B. , SMOOTH SAILING WITH ANNIE
Annie Hawkins was the eye in the storm of trying to find the right apartment. We went through a few brokers, but Annie has a calmness about her that comes from years of experience and knowing the ropes. I had only ever been the roommate, never the one with my name on the lease, and she made this unfamiliar territory smooth sailing. While I love my new apartment and cannot imagine leaving it right now, I know if Annie is there when the time comes that it will make moving exciting and something to look forward to.

September 2018 by Brigham B. , PATIENT, PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL, POLITE
I worked with Annie and she was perfect: patient, prompt, professional and polite. Very quick to respond to any of my calls or emails and very accommodating to my schedule. The apartment hunting and application process couldn''t have gone more smoothly thanks to her!

November 2017 by Delores S. , A GREAT EXPERIENCE!
Annie Hawkins was my broker for the sale of my Riverdale coop which had a number of unforeseen glitches. She was always ready to do the right thing and get to the bottom of the issue whether it was with another broker, the coop management company or an attorney. She did this diligently, patiently & graciously at all times. She is a most accommodating person - professionally and personally. Truly, Annie will get the job done as she did for me. Annie was also my broker for an apartment rental in Inwood in Oct 2006. I was so impressed with this woman that we enjoyed a friendship for 10 years.

September 2016 by Edith , "Annie Hawkins is an awesome agent!" , Inwood/Marble Hill
She not only helped me find the perfect apartment, but she made the application and approval process a breeze.

January 2015 by Jay Lee , What differentiates Annie from other brokers , Inwood/Marble Hill
From: Lee, Jay
Date: December 31, 2014 at 2:10:18 AM EST

We had a great experience working with Annie Hawkins, who helped us to secure a studio in a tranquil, sought-after location in Inwood. We have been looking for studios around this location for about 3 weeks, and as soon as the opportunity comes up, we contacted Annie immediately. Annie responded within minutes of receiving our message and we arranged a time to view the studio the very next day. The rest of the process was smooth and Annie was extremely communicative, reliable and dependable.

What differentiates Annie from other brokers in the area:
1. The quality of her listing: we checked out over 20 places in the Inwood / Washington Heights area. Let’s be honest, here. Some of the apartments / studios we saw are simply decrepit. We only saw one listing by Annie and it’s much better than everything else we have seen. Not only was the rent reasonable, there was elevator in the building and laundry on site, both of which were very important for us.
2. Annie is an articulate, honest and reliable professional: Throughout the process of working with Annie, she did not once try to peddle items / services that were not necessary. We have come across an obscene amount of unscrupulous brokers in the area. Annie is a woman of character who delivered everything that we agreed on.
3. Annie’s knowledge in the Inwood / Marble Hill area: since she has been living here for many years, she helped us out with recommendations for window blinds, coffee shops, as well as other useful things. The “intangibles” of having someone who is intimately familiar with the area have been tremendously helpful.

If you are looking to rent a place around the Inwood / Marble Hill area, Annie Hawkins is unequivocally the go-to person that you need to get in touch with.

June 2014 by Carole & Jesus Ibata , Carole & Jesus Ibata, Happy new tenants , Inwood/Marble Hill
From: Carole Ibata
Subject: Testimonial
Date: June 18, 2014 at 10:44:12 AM EDT

My husband and I were lucky enough to connect with Annie Hawkins when we were looking for an apartment in Manhattan. We wanted an apt. we could afford in a nice neighborhood, hard enough in NY generally, nearly impossible in Manhattan! But Annie found us an even better apt. than the one we had first inquired about and right across from a beautiful park! Annie introduced us to the neighborhood, showing us the best restaurants, stores and spots to enjoy the beauty of the parks in the area. She helped us with a locksmith, a mover, and just went so far beyond just showing us an apartment to make us feel welcome in our new neighborhood and settle in. (I know we are not the only ones she has done this for because walking through the neighborhood she was greeted by other tenants she had found apts. for, and everyone from the super to the locksmith speaks of her as the special person she is.) If you want an apt. you will love, call Annie! You won''t be disappointed.

Carole & Jesus Ibata, Happy new tenants

June 2012 by John Bartelstone
If you’re thinking of living in Inwood, Marble Hill, Ft. George or Hudson Heights chances are that sooner or later you’ll meet real estate broker Annie Hawkins. Now that you know.....make it sooner.
Annie is everywhere up here, she knows everyone and every place in these great neighborhoods. She is a good listener and will not show you an apartment that does not fit your criteria. In other words, she won’t waste your time. But spending time with her is a blast, so look forward to exploring the neighborhood and having a lot of laughs along the way. I had a pressure-filled two week window to find a rental in Inwood before I sold my apartment and with Annie''s guidance I got a wonderful place that I hope to live in for many years. She has a great rapport with her landlords and that leads to a pleasant lease signing experience. In the end, you’ll probably have an apartment and you’ll definitely have a new friend in the neighborhood.

April 2012 by Wesley Clark
Dear Annie,

Thank you for all of your help in finding my new apartment. I am
absolutely in love with it and am so excited to move in! I have
worked with several brokers in my eight years in New York, and by far,
you have been the most professional and knowledgeable. I really
appreciated how upfront you were about everything and all of the time
you took to educate me on the apartment and the neighborhood. While I
hope that I won''t have to move again for a long time, if I do, I will
definitely be coming back to you. I look forward to referring my
friends to you so that they can have the same wonderful experience
with you that I did. Apartment hunting is not always a fun process,
but you made it very enjoyable!

Thanks again,
Wesley Clark

July 2011 by Max Rhyser Entertainer/Spiritual Healer/NYC
Annie Hawkins was the breath of fresh air I so needed. Her professionalism, punctuality and most of all HONESTY are rivaled by none.
Her calm energy, absolute sincerity and no BS attitude saved my summer and resulted in finding the perfect home... THANK YOU ANNIE!

Max Rhyser
Entertainer/Spiritual Healer/NYC

July 2011 by Rich Peters
And allow me the opportunity to reciprocate to thank you for making everything clear, for responding promptly to EVERYTHING that was asked, and for being as pleasant as you have shown. My thanks, on behalf of all of us, to you. --Rich Peters

July 2011 by Lena Sun, MD Columbia University medical Center
Dear Annie

I just want to thank you for your assistance in our apartment hunting
for Keane. You were informative, helpful, and responsive. I am
particularly impressed with your efficiency and the ability to always
maintain a friendly smile at all times. I will certainly tell my
friends and colleagues to ask for you if they are in need of
assistance for finding housing in the Medical Center area.

Best Wishes,

Lena Sun, MD
Columbia University medical Center

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