Guide to Posting Online Reviews



  • Create a Yelp user account if you don’t already have one
  • Search for ‘Sovereign Associates’
  • Select ‘Write a Review’
  • You will be led through the remaining steps to finish

Please note that Yelp allows for edits once your review is published. You may also post a review update if you want to post about a newer experience you had.



  • Open Google Maps and sign in
  • Search for ‘Sovereign Associates’
  • Select ‘Write a Review’
  • Rate out of 5 stars
  • Write and publish your review

Please note that once your review is published, you will be able to make edits to or delete it later.



  • Log into your Zillow profile or register for one
  • Go to Agent Finder
  • Locate your agent’s profile by searching for their name
  • From their profile, locate the Ratings and Review section by clicking on the link for the number of reviews the agent has next to their photo
  • Next to Ratings and Review, Click on “Write a Review”
  • Rate out of 5 stars (and any additional subcategories)
  • Write your review
  • Check the box indicating that your review is honest and respectful, and that you understand Zillow’s Review Guidelines
  • Select the appropriate ‘Service Provided’ option, add year of service, fill in the address field and select ‘Submit Review’.

Please note that Zillow moderates each review before publishing it on the site. You can check the status of your review in the ‘Reviews Written’ section of your Zillow profile.